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Abby's Moderator Application

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Abby's Moderator Application

Post  Abby on Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:34 pm

Hi my name is Abby and I'm 16

I believe i would be a great moderator becuase i can be very helpful and although i am new to the server i can learn quickly so that i can help others and i am responsible.
Also i have a full-time job so I am in a financial position to donate if a donator store was added and vps purchased.
I try my best to help the server by advertising and voting as often as possible and although I am going to continue to do all these things if I become a Moderator or not i think it would let people know that they can ask me for help and i know what I am talking about and not just another player, but obviously I would feel much more appreciated for my work. I am not expecting to get a Moderator posistion anytime soon i understand that people may want to see me doing the things I am saying i am doing and not just saying them for the sake of getting a moderator position.

Thank you to all the viewers of my moderator application for your time and feel free to back me or even say that I am not useful I take all feedback gracefully.

Yours sincerely, Abby

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