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Trevor,Mod application

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Trevor,Mod application

Post  trevor on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:49 am

Activity [How long will you be online for a day]:
Umm, Well On the weeks, About 4-5 hours? if i get right on After school, But On the weekends, For a few hours also. Specailly on saturday and sunday, Im very active as most people know.

IGN [In game name]:
My Ingame name is Trevor

Why should you become part of our staff team?
Because im very active, I help tons. I Love ManikScape. i think i should become Because also I Have played for awhile. Also im very active on forums so i Can get reports etc. Then I pk alot, So i can moderate the pk zones, For fcers etc.

What are your staff experiences?
Tbh, A Ton. I cant even name them all. Ive been mod 8-9 times.. Admin like 8 times... Etc.. Cause ived played private servers\runescape for almost 4 years now. Im currently Not a mod\admin ON A srever rite now, Due to the old server i was admin on, It shutdown with 35-40 people. Im not gunna advertise it.

What can you do to help out our community?
Moderate Rule breakers\hackers\Dupers\Flamers Etc. Help new people out, I recently give items out, Like ancient staffs cause people want to barrage and stuff. Also, im nice i cheer people up.

Will you respect other staff and the owner?
YES I WILL!, I know Ryan kinda Good, Hes awesome,, So deff respect!

Tell us a little about your self.
Im, 13. I love sports. I love to joke. i love to teampk. I love clanwars. I love hot sexy girls. iLove D-claws. iLove ManikScape, Im a sexy BEAST. I like to Skate, As in rollerblades. Im awesome.



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